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Posted Date: 12/08/2017

Congratulations to the following ​MHS ​FCCLA students ​who placed at the FCCLA STAR Events Competition at Sallisaw​, Thursday, Dec 7, 2017:

Aaliyah Whitaker & JaNeigh Larkpor​ (both 10th graders)​- 3rd Place in Life Event Planning, where they planned a complete get-away trip to the Caribbeans.

Ashley Baker​ (12th grade)​ - 2nd Place in Children's Literature- she wrote a short story book titled Friends All Around, using fairytale Mermaids to illustrate making friends.

Sara Remer​(11th grade)​- 2nd Place in Career Investigation- she researched/investigated a career in Early Childhood Teaching.

Alma Cunningham ​and Lachelle Wilson​, Co - FCCLA Advisors

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