Research Helps

Muskogee High School Library Media Center Databases  

To use the databases from home, you must get a list of remote access IDs and passwords from the MHS Library Media Center.

Newspaper Database

Britannica School

MPS & MHS ebook Database

Abraham Lincoln


Easter Oklahoma District Library System

Muskogee Public Library Datatbases

Chronicles of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Digital Prairie: Documents, Images and Information

Oklahoma Digital

Collections List


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Project Gutenberg: - Free Ebooks in the Public Domain

 Free Public Domain Audiobooks

The Oklahoman Online


Tulsa World

Muskogee Phoenix

Bartleby Great Reference Books

OK College Start


Occupational Outlook Handbook 

Occupational Information Database

Controversial Issues:   Pros and Cons

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Debates Over Controversial Issues

Tutorial for EBSCO

 Citation Engines and Citation Style Guides

MLA Citation Style Guide

APA Citation Style Guide

Bib Me -

Citation Machine  -

Noodle Bib / Noodle Tools

EasyBib - Citation Engine

KnightCite - KnightCite is an interactive Web tool designed to assist teachers in modeling the proper use of information property.   User Name: Muskogee  Password: Roughers10 

Turabian Citation Style for Historical Research Papers


EBSCO Databases - Tips for Using Databases

1. After clicking on Ebsco Host, choose the school libraries link. (For Spanish or German, choose the Spanish or German links.)

2. Next, you will see a menu of databases to choose from. For general research, choose MAS Ultra, Newspaper Source, Middle Search Plus, Master File Premier and Topic Search.

3. Then click continue at the bottom of the page.

EBSCO also has Funk and Wagnall's Encyclopedia available. (Note: Databases that are labeled academic or professional are generally written for college level or above.)

4. Enter your search terms in basic or advanced search. Choose Full Text if you want EBSCO to show only those listings that have the whole article available online. (Otherwise, you will also receive listings for articles that are not available online.)   

Research on an Easy Reading Level

EBSCO Primary Search and Middle Search both allow you to choose the Lexile reading level before you search so that ESL students or slower readers can find articles on an appropriate level. The Advanced Search on SIRS also allows you to choose the general reading level before you search for articles.