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Fleak, Kim
Sedillo, Norman
12th Grade Assistant Principal
Freeman, Andrae
11th Grade Assistant Principal
Cooper, Anayai
10th Grade Assistant Principal
Charboneau, Lisa
9th Grade Principal
Thomas, Hailey
12th grade counselor
Brimacomb, Anelicia
11th grade counselor
Hayes, Madison
9th grade counselor
Campus, Police
Hall, Dan
Head of Campus Police
Applegate, Tim
Bloschichak, Dominic
1:1 Help Desk
Swords, Ethan
1:1 Help Desk
Dumond, Carrie
principal's secretary
Bowen, Beth
MHS receptionist
Knupp, Dawn
12th Grade Secretary
Birdtail, Pat
11th grade secretary
Paden, Deana
10th Grade Secretary
Beech, Monique
Strickland, Tina
9th Grade Secretary
Oman, Janet
Technology Integration Specialist
Hill, Nathan
Fab Lab Manager
Jacobson, Jenny
Nutrition Manager
Lowe, Ron
Tackett, Cindy
Stout, Katie
Athletic Trainer
Venters, Ronald
ISP Supervision
Berry, Josh
Dean of Students
Hofschulte-Colvin, Michele
Teacher Trainer