The Chieftain (Yearbook)

Yearbook - The Chieftain

Mrs. Dennis
Room E205
School Phone: 918-684-3750 ext. 1726
As the adviser of the Chieftain, I get questions from students, parents and the community.  The most frequently asked question is in regards to past issues of the Chieftain.  We have very limited extra copies of past issues, but call or email me with the year you are looking for and I will get back to you within a day and let you know if it is available.  Past issues that we have are $20. 

SeniorYearbook Information

Senior Pictures were due to Mrs. Dennis by Dec. 20th, 2013, BUT YOU CAN STILL TURN THEM IN!!!  Please send them by January 17th, 2014!!  If your student needs a simple picture taken to be included, please have them come by room E205 and we will do it for FREE!  Students must adhere to theschool dress code for the photo they would like to include in theyearbook.  Digital images are preferredand can be emailed to and an email will be sent to confirm it was received.

Senior Quotes -- Seniors also need to submit a quotation that they feel represents them and how they would like to be remembered. This is a tradition for seniors. Email is preferred.

Senior Recognition Ads – These are ad pages that areprinted at the back of the yearbook in full color.  Students may include baby pictures, sportspictures, family pictures, etc., but photos that depict anything illegal oroffensive will not be accepted.  Becauseof the sentimental value of family photos, it is preferred that you scan themand email them to so that the originals have no chanceof being lost.  If you are unable to scanthem, please send them directly to Sarah Dennis, room E205 in an envelope withyour name, your student’s name and a way to contact you so they can be returned.  The yearbook staff will scan these photos andreturn them within a few weeks. 

Senior Recognition Ad Prices

FullPage:  $150 (Up to 24 photos can beincluded)

Half Page:$80 (Up to 12 photos can be included)

QuarterPage: $45 (Up to 6 photos can be included)

BusinessCard Size: $25 (Up to 3 photos can be included, although they will be small)

To complete these pages, we need thefollowing information:

  1. Name of Student
  2. Text you would like on the page (usually congratulatory or sentimental words about your Senior student).                                                                 (cont.)
  3. The size of ad you would like
  4. The design specifics you would like –ideas for colors to use, types of font to use, graphics (if any) to use – thesecan include favorite sports teams, hobbies, etc.  Any information you can provide will help us!
  5. Payment in the form of check is preferred and a receipt will either be put in the envelope with the pictures orgiven to your Senior, unless otherwise stated. Checks should be made to MHS Yearbook.
  6. If the Senior Recognition ad is a surprise for your Senior, please let us know and the yearbook staff will keepthe information confidential so that they can enjoy the surprise of seeing a thoughtful note from their loved ones when yearbooks are distributed in May.
  7. An email that we can send a proof foryour approval no later than February 17th, 2013.
  8. The above information needs to bereceived by Mrs. Dennis no later than January 25th, 2013 toguarantee inclusion in the 2013-2014 Chieftain. 


Yearbook Purchases

The2013-2014 Chieftain can be purchased in E205 by check (preferred) or cash.  Checks made payable to MHS Yearbook.  A receipt will be provided.  Prices are $35 until February 1st,2014.  Limited extra books will beordered.  Yearbooks will arrive in May and be distributed before Seniors’ last day.