Muskogee High School's

Rougher Robo Royalty

Mission Statement

We here at MHS Rougher Royalty Robotics want to help the community by introducing them to the world of S.T.E.M. We use the S (science) to make calculations, we use the T (technology) for the programming, we use the E (engineering) for the robot design, and we use the M (math) for the angles of parts. All of these come together to form the perfect designs and team cooperation creating near perfect efficiency.

About Us

We are a veteran robotics team from Muskogee High School in Muskogee, Oklahoma that was first formed in 2009 between the Muskogee Roughers and the ICTC Centurions which then was named the Centurion Roughers and would be known as such until 2015.


Contact Information


Club Sponsors: Mark Colvin, Janet Lopez, and Michael Ledoux