Oklahoma Honor Society
About Oklahoma Honor Society...

Remember, Oklahoma Honor Society is a very elite membership.

Only the top 10% of the entire student population can belong. The top 10% GPA's! ! ! WOW, huh?

Membership is based solely on academics.

The gpa's are used from the Spring Semester and Fall semester for a calendar year.

(Since Freshmen do not have a spring  semester at MHS, only their fall  semester is considered)

Membership for each school year is usually announced in February.

Also, all 4-Year Members recieve special OHS pins at the initiation ceremony in May.

Annual Membership dues are $3.00.

**Another point that some students and parents don't realize is that the students are competing against all grade levels. For instance, there isn't a set amount of freshmen, sophomore, juniors or seniors admitted each year. It is the top 10% of the entire school for the previous calendar year.**