Profile and History
 Muskogee High School Profile
Muskogee High School is a four-year comprehensive public high school established August 19, 1970.  MHS has an enrollment of 1500+ students.  We are accredited by the Oklahoma State Department of Education and the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association.  Our school year consists of two 18 week semesters with a 7 class flexible schedule.
We offer 37 honor and Advanced Placement classes.  Those classes are:
  1. Pre-AP English I                                                
  2. Pre-AP English II
  3. AP Language and Composition
  4. AP Literature and Composition
  5. Algebra II Honors
  6. Geometry Honors
  7. Pre-AP Calculus
  8.  Trigonometry Honors
  9. AP Probability and Statistics
  10. AP Calculus AB                                                                                                            Manual Training
  11. Latin II Honors
  12. Pre-AP Latin
  13. Latin IV Honors                                                                
  14. Spanish III Honors
  15. Pre-AP Spanish
  16. AP Spanish Language
  17. AP Spanish Literature
  18. Pre-AP Art
  19. AP Art History
  20. AP Drawing
  21. AP 2-D
  22. AP 3-D
  23. Music Theory Honors                                                                            Central High School
  24. Oklahoma History Honors
  25. World History Honors
  26. Geography Honors
  27. Government Honors
  28. AP United States History
  29. Pre-AP European History
  30. AP United States Government and Politics
  31. Pre-AP Biology I
  32. AP Biology
  33. Pre-AP Chemistry I
  34. AP Chemistry
  35. AP Environmental Science
  36. Pre-AP Physics
  37. AP Physics AP
  • MHS has had 53 National Merit Finalists and 19 Oklahoma Academic Scholars.
  • Annually we have over 3 million dollars awarded to graduating seniors.
  • 37% of graduating seniors attend a 4-year university.
  • 26% of graduating seniors attend a 2-year university.
  • 7.4% of graduating seniors attend a career technology center.
  • 4.3% of graduating seniors join the military.
  • 21% of graduating seniors enter the work force.
Muskogee High School juniors and seniors of exceptional ability are provided with the opportunity to gain college credit through concurrent enrollment while completing their high school education. School counselors must verify that prerequisites are met and that enrollment in the college course has been completed.
Through our business and technology department programs students are allowed to incorporate work experience into their academic plans. The DECA program allows students to attends MHS half the day and maintain a job the other half. Students interested in technical and career-specific skills to prepare for such careers as automotive, child care, computers, construction, cosmetology, industrial technology, health care, and landscape may enroll in programs at the Muskogee Indian Capital Technology Center, affiliated with the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education.
The modern history of high school education for students in Muskogee, Oklahoma started with the birth of Muskogee High School in 1970, but the roots for the education of the young adults of this community can be traced back to before statehood.

Muskogee High School came into existence on August 19, 1970, when Central High and Manual Training High were integrated by the Muskogee Board of Education. The two previous high schools were established several years before statehood. When the first Board of Education was established in 1898, one of its initial duties was to create public schools for students of different races to replace the church schools that had missionaries as teachers. Thus creating Central High School and Manual Training High School.

Central High School’s first graduating class was in 1908. In 1909, Central High became the first school in the state to be accredited by the North Central Association.

The legend of Manual Training High School goes back 61 years prior to integration. The construction of Manual Training High started in 1909. The first class occupied the building at the corner of Altamont and Girard Streets before its completion in 1910. The first graduating class was in 1912.

The last graduating classes from both Central and Manual were in May 1970. The following fall, all high school students integrated to what we now know today as Muskogee High School. This integration in 1970 marked the end of two historical institutions but also spawned a single school to carry on the best of both traditions.

In 1925 the Central football team won another state championship and the squad was tagged with the nickname “Roughers” because many of the players performed without helmets, due to lack of funding, and for their rough play. The current Rougher mascot is a roughneck with a bulldog face symbolizing the Oklahoma oil days and the Manual High bulldog mascot. This mascot we see today was created by MHS students in the mid 1970's. Both the mascot and the term “Roughers” are copyrighted and can never be used by any other institution.

Because of the rich history and tradition, the Muskogee High School Roughers have become an icon to the Muskogee community.