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Posted Date: 09/05/2017

Name: Jack A. Reavis
Subjects Taught: AP U.S. History, AP Government & Politics, AP European History, Assistant Coach for Girls’ Basketball and Volleyball
School Name:  Muskogee High School (Public School)
City/State:  Muskogee, OK
Honors:  Finalist for the 2016 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year award

As a social studies teacher at a public high school in Muskogee, Oklahoma, Jack A. Reavis believes in the value of using current events to pique students’ interest in U.S. history. “If you can make it real to them at the beginning, they stay more engaged,” Reavis says. “That’s why I use current events when I teach.”

“This generation of teens may lean Republican or Democrat, but they really don’t have any loyalty to anything.”

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