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Over 22 years of military service ranging from tactical, operational to strategic impact. Prior enlisted service in the MO ANG as Security Police.  Commissioned and winged as a Navigator, then cross trained to Fire Control Officer (FCO).  Close to 3000 hours of aviation experience as an Aircrew Member, Instructor and Evaluator.  Aeronautical rating as a Senior Navigator with experience as an Executive Officer, Chief of Training, Flight Commander, Assistant Director of Operations, Chief of Wing Plans, Deployed Squadron Commander, Chief Stan Eval FCO for MAJCOM, Instructor and  Academic Advisor at Air Command and Staff College (ACSC), Deputy Director of Joint Warfare Exercises ACSC. After retirement from the Air Force, I worked in firearm sales briefly before being picked up on a contract supporting the Air Force Special Operations Air Warfare Ccenter (AFSOAWC). During this time I led a great team for Spectrum Comm as the Deputy Task Lead for the AFSOAWC Courseware team. Currently the Senior Aerospace Science Instructor at Muskogee High School Air Force JROTC, OK-071.

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