U.S. History - Review for EOI Test

U.S. History EOI Test - Review and Study Materials

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At the bottom of the page is the EOI Test Blueprint. Please notice that HALF of the Test Questions are taken from Standards 5 & 6, which cover the Cold War Era,  Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam War, Post Cold War Era, and Recent History - including September 11 attacks, Persian Gulf wars, etc. 

So, spend about HALF of your study time on those periods.

Coming SOON, The Amendments Rap !!!  (Old School)  Know your Constitutional Amendments to pass the EOI.

myON Books - These are online books that read themselves to you as you read along. 
(You can download myON Ebooks to your laptop or tablet to read at home without a home Internet Connection.)
Go to www.myON.com : School - MHS   Username - student ID#  /  Password - student ID#.

  Instructions for Logging in to myON on your student laptops and Downloading Books

FollettShelf http://wbb05511.follettshelf.com/  (Or find the link on the MHS webpage) 

Britannica School Online (Use Intermediate Level) - http://school.eb.com/
(Britannica will read the article to you as you read along.)

Ebsco - http://search.ebscohost.com/   Go to Ebsco Explora (Elementary or M.S. Edition)    

(Explora will read the article to you as you read along.)

Please, Stop by the Library for additional help.


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Blueprint for US History EOI