All-School Musical

Congratulations to the Cast of the 2015 All School Musical Production of

9 to 5 The Musical
It is our honor to have such a talented group of your people willing to share their talents with the Muskogee Community.  The cast list will be posted on the bulletin board in E-Unit.   Initial to the left of your name if you accept your role and join the All School Musical Google Classrom using the access code  “wea4q1z”.  All rehearsals and other pertanent information will be posted there.  We will have a short cast meeting Wednesday at 3:00 (the location will be announced on GoogleClassroom)



Violet Newstead

Courtlyn Stout

Doralee Rhodes

Madison Eckerson

Judy Bernly

Madison Reavis

Franklin Hart, Jr.

Brenden Martin

Roz Keith

Nina King


Christopher Watkins

Dwayne/Ensemble G3

Brady Galloway

Josh/Ensemble G1

Connor Lynch

Missy/Intern/Featured Dancer

Drew Hutchinson

Maria Delgado/Ensemble G2

Carly Johnson

Dick/Ensemble G2


Kathy/Ensemble G3

Katherine Lester

Margaret Foster/Ensemble G3

Hannah Webster

Bob Enright/Ensemble G1

Christopher Gutierrez

Russell Tinsworthy/Ensemble G2

Calloway Davis

Detective/Ensemble G1

LeRoicia Penney

Doctor/Ensemble G2

Peyton Kays

Candy Striper/Ensemble G1

Samantha Shafer

New Employee/Ensemble G3

Noel Wallace

Featured Dancers

Anna Mir                          Caitlin Wardour

Calysta Wilkinson             Devin McCoy

Gabbi Chitwood                Kelsey Chapuis



Group 1 (G1)

Group 2 (G2)

Group 3 (G3)

Athea Chambers

Bailey Tull

Diamond Ross

Madeline Stevenson

Madison Goodyear

Minnie Thompson

Sara Smythe

Meagan Jacobs

Samantha Brackett

Timberleigh McGee

Auburn Yandell

Brittany Garrett

Brooklyn Lakey

Jillian Guinn

Leah Irwin

Phillip Bruch

Sweetwater Teehee

Serena Christiansen

Punthira Noophong

Tess Huffer


Brookelyn Garrison

Haley Wayerski

Istasia Brown

Landis Webb

Laura Webster

Meagan Henningsen

Rachel Throgmorton

Sara Thompson

Kayleigh Langley

Jasmine Speer

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